Air Conditioner Repair

For fast, reliable, honest air conditioner repair in Omaha, call us today! We service all makes and models of air conditioners and heat pumps and will have you back up and running in no time!

Did you know one of the primary reasons for air conditioner breakdown is a dirty air filter? Check and replace your filter on a regular basis to prevent costly repair bills. When the airflow is restricted the coil will fall below freezing, turning the coil to a block of ice.  Faulty blower motors and dirty evaporator coils can also cause this freeze up.

Any time you can see ice on any components of your air conditioner, the problem needs to be immediately addressed. Continuing to operate a system that has ice buildup can cause permanent damage to the system’s components, including the compressor. If you are experiencing these symptoms, turn your thermostat to off and let things defrost completely.

Other reasons for air conditioner breakdown is low refrigerant levels. Too little refrigerant will cause the unit to be unable to absorb enough heat causing a freeze up.  If refrigerant levels are low, there is typically a leak that should be diagnosed by a qualified technician. Some leaks are minor enough that recharging the refrigerant will temporarily solve the problem. Unfortunately leaks get worse and not better and eventually the part that is leaking refrigerant will need to be replaced.

We offer 24 hour service and our technicians are fully trained, friendly, and knowledgeable. We carry most replacement parts on our trucks and will give you up front pricing after repairs are diagnosed. Trust your cooling needs to the professionals at Complete Comfort. Don’t worry about it we’ll take care of it!