Winter is here, and we will soon be withdrawing into the warmth of our homes. The cold brings more than discomfort though, as the flu and colds are about to spread. There are new tools we are using to bring clients cleaner, healthier homes, and the latest is the Air Scrubber Plus. This “scrubber” has been developed alongside NASA to create an atmosphere protected from odors, dust, germs, viruses and more.

The Air Scrubber Plus attaches easily to your HVAC system and cleans, deodorizes, purifies and protects your home from contaminants. First, as particulates flow through your ventilation they are negatively and positively charged by the scrubber, causing the particulates to cluster together. The larger cluster is more easily trapped by your furnace filter. Second, as a feature unique to the scrubber, it creates active oxidizers such as hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyls, and super oxides responsible for cleaning the air as well as surfaces. Third, the scrubber uses small amounts of ozone to reduce odors faster, and the amount released is comparable to that of the outdoors. Finally, the air and surfaces within your home are cleaner and safer.

Because it is clinically proven to reduce dust, mold and other pollutants, it lowers rates of irritation and allergies. University studies have shown the scrubber reduces black mold, staph, strep, avian flu, and E. coli. The near elimination of these malicious particles is the reason you can find this technology in Marque ambulances, hospitals, schools, and food production facilities. Adding the Air Scrubber Plus to your HVAC system gives you the option to make your home much cleaner of contaminants.
We stand by this technology as we see the positive reactions from customers as well as the employees who have it in their homes. Our personal experiences and the 30-day money back guarantee lead us to recommend it to everyone we provide our services to. With the help of this technology there is an average of cleaner, healthier air within 4 days, making it an exciting new development for our industry!

For those that have kids bringing home germs from school, pets that smell less than wonderful after the rain, allergies that cost money and comfort, or even cooking odors that outstay their welcome, we believe the Air Scrubber Plus will help make your home the most comfortable, safest home it can be!

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