Geothermal Incentives

For Nebraska and Iowa!

A geothermal system is by far one of the most efficient ways to control the climate of your home. It takes a fraction of the energy to heat your home that a traditional system will, which is more money in your pocket. Just how well does geothermal perform comparatively? Our systems are able to take one unit of power and turn it into up to 5 units of heating or cooling power. That’s up to a whopping 500% efficiency! To put that into perspective, traditional units cap out at an efficiency of 98% (or about one for one).

You condition your home with free energy – for far less than your neighbors using traditional heating and cooling means. We put in your home geothermal products that utilize that free, clean energy lying in your backyard. Realize savings up to 70% on heating and cooling your home – you can even heat your water for free during the summer!

For a better look at what your savings could be, visit our Savings Calculator

Nebraska Geothermal Resources

For more information on Nebraska Dollar and Energy Loans go to:

Iowa Geothermal Resources

For more information from the Iowa Energy Center, go to:

For more information on Iowa MidAmerican Energy Rebates go to:

SAVE Certified

YES we are SAVE Certified!

SAVE is the new System Adjustment and Verified Efficiency (SAVE) certification that assures the heating and cooling professional installing or maintaining your heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system is properly trained in energy efficiency installation and measurement. Your HVAC SAVE-certified contractor’s assessment will make sure you purchase the most appropriate, energy-efficient system for your home, and that it’s installed correctly for optimum savings and comfort.

For more information on the SAVE certification in Iowa go to:

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