Fall Furnace Giveaway

Furnace Giveaway a Success!

Thank you to everyone who submitted entires for our fall furnace giveaway! There were a number of very heart touching stories to choose from. Some of them had fortunately been helped through other avenues recently with their furnace and didn’t have a need at this time. Others we were able to help out in other ways. It came down to one family’s story of need that resulted in our recipient.

Jamie Hugelman and her three children were thrilled to be awarded her new Bryant furnace just in time for winter! Faced with raising three young children, working full time, going to school, beginning student teaching in January, and to top it off having a furnace that was deemed unsafe to continue to operate, her story stood out in being someone who was deserving of receiving a “hand-up”.

In the nomination letter we received, it read “she is always so helpful and concerned for others. She works with people with developmental disabilities and is always willing to go the extra mile to help and is kind to the people she works with and even those she is not directly responsible for.”

Congratulations to Jamie and her family. We hope that the installation of this furnace will help her continue to provide for her family and make a difference in the lives of others!

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