As we continue on with 2014 in Omaha, we have seen many weather extremes from a cold dry start to the year to a wet and unseasonably cool spring and summer. As the last official days of summer wind down in the coming weeks if you step outside you are fully aware the seasons are changing. Furnace season is upon us. Some furnaces will start right up and others will just refuse to kick on.  For the unfortunate circumstances of a furnace not firing up when the thermostat is adjusted for the first time, it’s not the end of the world. Just a simple call for some routine maintenance is usually in order.

When the heating season comes earlier than normal like it seems to be this year, most people haven’t prepared ahead by having their furnace serviced. The good news here . . . it’s not too late. There will be plenty of warm days ahead before the drudgery of winter sets in.  Plan ahead now to get your furnace inspected and serviced before you really need it.

The advantages of planning ahead range from saving money to avoiding larger disasters like frozen pipes in the heart of a winter cold spell. There are a number of safety concerns too that if gone unchecked can cause issues such as carbon monoxide poisoning or other health issues. While in most circumstances immediate danger is not there, it’s better to take care of issues as they arise instead of waiting for what might happen down the road.

Enjoy the fall weather, football, and everything else that a change of season brings!

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