Sniffles, scratchy throat, watery eyes… Allergy season is fast approaching with these unexpectedly higher temperatures! With spring-like weather hitting the Midwest early, many plants have begun to bloom and distribute the pollens that trigger our allergies. Luckily, your home does not need to be as susceptible to pollen and other allergens! The Air Scrubber Plus we install not only cleans the air, but it also tackles surface contaminants as well. As shown in the following image, the Air Scrubber is the clear winner over the passive technology typically associated with indoor air quality:

It’s time to save costs on allergy medications and better the level of comfort in your home. Less dust, cleaner air and surfaces accompanied with a 30 day money back guarantee makes the Air Scrubber Plus your best choice for an easier allergy season.

Check out how our client, Angie G., experienced the difference:

“The reason for the excellent rating is simple… Complete Comfort cares about their customers. Recently, Alex told me about a device that would remove odorous and acidic gases in my home… a SCRUBBER. She thoroughly explained what it did, and I decided to give it a try and have it installed the same time as my winter heat check. I was surprised it was such a small device. It’s been over a week and I absolutely love it! Not sure how quite to explain it, but the air in my home is ‘crisp’ and ‘clean’. I used a strong smelling cleaning substance on my doggie door the other day. The smell normally sticks around an entire day and evening. I ran a few errands, came home…no odor! I’m sure there are many health benefits because I just feel like I’m breathing better…I am very happy with the SCRUBBER! I’ve recommended it to my family and friends. Thank you to Alex, and techs Chad and Brad!!”

Call us today at 402-827-1827 to find out more about ridding your home of allergens and breathing easier with the Air Scrubber Plus!


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