Tax Credit Comeback

Did you know that switching from a conventional furnace and AC to a geothermal heat pump saves you money in energy costs? While the price tag on a geothermal system can be daunting compared to its less sophisticated counterparts, there’s relief in federal tax credits for residential and commercial installations of geothermal heat pumps! As of February 2018, geothermal tax credits were reinstated through 2021 and are retroactive to January 1st, 2017.

The tax credit application for each upcoming year can be seen below:

Not only does this cut into the overall cost of your geothermal system purchase, but the installation as well. Labor onsite, installation cost and piping are all to be included in the final total submitted with your taxes.

To learn more about the next steps toward a cost-effective, green solution to your home’s HVAC needs be sure to call our office today!

Credit for picture to Bryant and WaterFurnace Int’l

2018 Home and Garden Expo

​Complete Comfort is proud to announce we will once again take part in the Omaha Home & Garden Expo this February!

February 8-11th we will accompany hundreds of other businesses in showcasing what we have to offer your homes. Air purification, smart thermostats, and systems designed to maximize your comfort will all be found at our booth!

Our team is always excited to take part in this Expo as there’s so much to do; from the various displays for your indoor/outdoor modifications to live, exotic animal shows for the kids.

Find out more about the show here:

We hope to see you at booth 1232!

Fighting Flu Season


Cold and flu outbreaks are rising as the temperature falls! Complete Comfort offers a whole-home air purifier to help keep your house a safer home: the Air Scrubber Plus. It’s not only a solution we believe in, however, as The Space Foundation recently placed the technology in the Air Scrubber Plus in the Space Technology Hall of Fame.

Call us at 402-827-1827 to learn more about our solution to your indoor air quality needs!

Recognizing Women in HVAC

Complete Comfort is pleased to announce one of its female leaders recently attended the Bryant Women in HVAC Conference. Alex Bouska was one of dozens of women from across the country who attended the three-day conference in Florida last week.

“This conference changed the way I plan to better our company, from their inspirational speakers to the wealth of knowledge found among the other attendees,” said Alex Bouska, Operations Manager of Complete Comfort. “It truly was a gathering of talent and industry wisdom that will help me become a better leader of Complete Comfort. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and experience!”

The conference is part of an effort to foster inclusivity and create an environment where women can excel in the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. The event, which has tripled in size since 2015, welcomed 160 women from the United States, Canada and Mexico to the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort for three days of leadership and business development training, best practice sharing and fellowship.

“This event is an invaluable opportunity for many of the women who work in the HVAC industry to convene and build upon our individual and collective strengths. There’s an incredible amount of talent in this group and it’s a wonderful opportunity to share and learn,” said Laura Williams, channel marketing manager, Bryant. “This is a date we’ve had circled on our calendar for a long time and we anticipate building on our longstanding relationships and forging new bonds.”

The conference features programs on personal and professional development as well as networking and focuses on growing the representation of women in the HVAC industry by enhancing the vital business relationships that many of the women have.

Complete Comfort has been a proud, factory authorized dealer of the Bryant brand for over 15 years. Their motto of, “Whatever It Takes”, is one our team stands behind in order to provide the best customer experiences possible.

The Early Allergy Solution

Sniffles, scratchy throat, watery eyes… Allergy season is fast approaching with these unexpectedly higher temperatures! With spring-like weather hitting the Midwest early, many plants have begun to bloom and distribute the pollens that trigger our allergies. Luckily, your home does not need to be as susceptible to pollen and other allergens! The Air Scrubber Plus we install not only cleans the air, but it also tackles surface contaminants as well. As shown in the following image, the Air Scrubber is the clear winner over the passive technology typically associated with indoor air quality:

Air Scrubber Plus comparison with filters, uv lights and pco for contaminants and allergy solutions

It’s time to save costs on allergy medications and better the level of comfort in your home. Less dust, cleaner air and surfaces accompanied with a 30 day money back guarantee makes the Air Scrubber Plus your best choice for an easier allergy season.

Check out how our client, Angie G., experienced the difference:

“The reason for the excellent rating is simple… Complete Comfort cares about their customers. Recently, Alex told me about a device that would remove odorous and acidic gases in my home… a SCRUBBER. She thoroughly explained what it did, and I decided to give it a try and have it installed the same time as my winter heat check. I was surprised it was such a small device. It’s been over a week and I absolutely love it! Not sure how quite to explain it, but the air in my home is ‘crisp’ and ‘clean’. I used a strong smelling cleaning substance on my doggie door the other day. The smell normally sticks around an entire day and evening. I ran a few errands, came home…no odor! I’m sure there are many health benefits because I just feel like I’m breathing better…I am very happy with the SCRUBBER! I’ve recommended it to my family and friends. Thank you to Alex, and techs Chad and Brad!!”

Call us today at 402-827-1827 to find out more about ridding your home of allergens and breathing easier with the Air Scrubber Plus!

Heating, Cooling and Health

Winter is here, and we will soon be withdrawing into the warmth of our homes. The cold brings more than discomfort though, as the flu and colds are about to spread. There are new tools we are using to bring clients cleaner, healthier homes, and the latest is the Air Scrubber Plus. This “scrubber” has been developed alongside NASA to create an atmosphere protected from odors, dust, germs, viruses and more.


The Air Scrubber Plus attaches easily to your HVAC system and cleans, deodorizes, purifies and protects your home from contaminants. First, as particulates flow through your ventilation they are negatively and positively charged by the scrubber, causing the particulates to cluster together. The larger cluster is more easily trapped by your furnace filter. Second, as a feature unique to the scrubber, it creates active oxidizers such as hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyls, and super oxides responsible for cleaning the air as well as surfaces. Third, the scrubber uses small amounts of ozone to reduce odors faster, and the amount released is comparable to that of the outdoors. Finally, the air and surfaces within your home are cleaner and safer.

Because it is clinically proven to reduce dust, mold and other pollutants, it lowers rates of irritation and allergies. University studies have shown the scrubber reduces black mold, staph, strep, avian flu, and E. coli. The near elimination of these malicious particles is the reason you can find this technology in Marque ambulances, hospitals, schools, and food production facilities. Adding the Air Scrubber Plus to your HVAC system gives you the option to make your home much cleaner of contaminants.
We stand by this technology as we see the positive reactions from customers as well as the employees who have it in their homes. Our personal experiences and the 30-day money back guarantee lead us to recommend it to everyone we provide our services to. With the help of this technology there is an average of cleaner, healthier air within 4 days, making it an exciting new development for our industry!

For those that have kids bringing home germs from school, pets that smell less than wonderful after the rain, allergies that cost money and comfort, or even cooking odors that outstay their welcome, we believe the Air Scrubber Plus will help make your home the most comfortable, safest home it can be!

Give us a call for more information today!

Change Your Furnace Filters

You’ve been reminded to change your furnace filters, told to do it each month. You’ve even bought extra filters to change them yourself in between maintenance visits by your technician. Did you change them though? Maybe you don’t have a technician that comes out twice a year to change your filters as part of their maintenance checks. At least you know the filters are changed twice a year.  What if you just thought to change your filter for the first time since 2009? We came across this situation last week and as you can see, the filter was very close to being 100% blocked.

furnace filters


So what does this mean for your heating and cooling system? Lots!

  • The indoor air quality is signficantly reduced when a filter is dirty. If you have allergies or asthma the effects will be very apparent.
  • Energy consumption will rise due to the amount of additional work your system has to do. The fan motor will work overtime and the lifespan of the motor will decrease.
  • Airflow is signficantly reduced. You will literally feel the lack of air coming out of your registers with a filter this clogged.
  • Reduced airflow may also cause your coil to freeze up when the air conditioning is running which will leave you without cooling!

The bottom line is the overall lifespan of the system is greatly reduced when furnace filters are not changed on a regular basis.  Filters should be checked on a monthly basis and if filled with dirt or debris changed immediately. Your lungs will thank you, your family will thank you, and your pocketbook will definitely thank you because you have easily maintained a system that your home revolves around on a daily basis!

Early Fall?

As we continue on with 2014 in Omaha, we have seen many weather extremes from a cold dry start to the year to a wet and unseasonably cool spring and summer. As the last official days of summer wind down in the coming weeks if you step outside you are fully aware the seasons are changing. Furnace season is upon us. Some furnaces will start right up and others will just refuse to kick on.  For the unfortunate circumstances of a furnace not firing up when the thermostat is adjusted for the first time, it’s not the end of the world. Just a simple call for some routine maintenance is usually in order.

When the heating season comes earlier than normal like it seems to be this year, most people haven’t prepared ahead by having their furnace serviced. The good news here . . . it’s not too late. There will be plenty of warm days ahead before the drudgery of winter sets in.  Plan ahead now to get your furnace inspected and serviced before you really need it.

The advantages of planning ahead range from saving money to avoiding larger disasters like frozen pipes in the heart of a winter cold spell. There are a number of safety concerns too that if gone unchecked can cause issues such as carbon monoxide poisoning or other health issues. While in most circumstances immediate danger is not there, it’s better to take care of issues as they arise instead of waiting for what might happen down the road.

Enjoy the fall weather, football, and everything else that a change of season brings!

Unseasonable Summer for Air Conditioners

If anyone would have told me after the cold winter and wet spring that summer would be a walk in the park, I would have laughed at them. I figured for sure we would pay for the nice spring weather and rain with scorching summer temperatures, high humidity and dew points that would make everyone uncomfortable . . . and give everyone’s air conditioner a thorough workout. Here we are on the verge of August and I can count on one hand the number of days that it has been absolutely miserable to be outside. I can’t remember another summer like it. Who knows, maybe August and September will be the unbearable summer months . . . or will we just jump straight into an early fall? Only time will tell.

Even though it’s been unseasonably cool this summer, it’s still no excuse to take the summer off from maintaining your air conditioner. Cotton seemed to flow from trees for several months this year and we are seeing many air conditioner condensers plugged with cotton. This blockage takes away the ability for the condenser to suck in air and function properly.  If not addressed it will put additional strain on a number of parts and can even lead to the premature death of a unit. Spraying an air conditioner from the outside will only pack the debris in. The best way to clean it is from the inside out. This requires some disassembly of the air conditioner and definitely means turning off the power supply to the unit. Having a professional handle it will ensure safety and will also allow a thorough inspection of the equipment to ensure optimal performance for the rest of the summer and potentially eliminate costly repairs down the road.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, whatever it may bring!

Maintenance Agreement

It’s that time of year again! The grass is getting greener, flowers are blooming, and the warm wind is starting to blow (it is Nebraska though so the wind blowing is nothing new . . . it’s just suddenly warmer). Suddenly the temperature is above 80 and after working in the yard all day doing your spring cleaning all you want to do is kick on the air conditioning and cool down a little. You adjust the thermostat and switch to cool and . . . nothing. It was running just fine last fall when the temperature hit 80 degrees and you needed to cool down. What could possibly be wrong with something you haven’t used for the last six months?!

Not every air conditioner that won’t turn on or blow cold air will have the same issue.  That’s why it’s important to add a money saving maintenance check to your spring cleaning to do list!  The payoff is peace of mind over the hot summer months and lower cooling bills because your air conditioner is running optimally. Ideally, an annual maintenance agreement is the way to keep your entire heating and cooling system in top running condition.  In the long run, annual air conditioner cleanings will also prolong the life of your equipment!  Contact us today to get YOUR spring cool check scheduled and rest assured that you will be taken care of for the summer months to come!