For a third year, Complete Comfort is giving away a free furnace installation to a member of our community in need! Given how 2020 has been, we wanted to help a family in the best way we know how- bringing them reliable, efficient heating and cooling. Upon receiving nominations throughout the month of October and early November, our company owner, Jeff, went through each one thoroughly and thoughtfully. While all nominations were wonderful, one family stuck out as 16 of their friends and colleagues nominated through emails, Facebook messages and phone calls. After much consideration we are excited to announce that Todd and Jan are the winners of the 2020 furnace giveaway!

Todd and Jan live in Omaha, and from the nominations we have received it’s evident they are compassionate people who give their time and care to others without asking anything in return. Despite any ups and downs, they’ve selflessly assisted several people in the community “with a smile on”, as one nomination email stated. Last week, Jeff and our installation coach, Mike, paid Todd and Jan a visit at their home for what the they thought was an estimate to quote a furnace replacement. Upon inspecting their system, Jeff determined that their AC was in need of replacement as well and decided to replace their entire system. Once Jeff told them we would be installing their equipment for free, Jan was overcome with emotion and Todd was almost in disbelief, still offering to pay for any part of it he could. We explained that due to their selflessness to so many people, we were honored to help such a deserving family.

Complete Comfort always looks forward to helping the Metro area each client at a time. Our company owner, Jeff, feels that to be able to give a family peace of mind that their heating and cooling system is safe, reliable and efficient gives us all purpose here at Complete Comfort Heating and Cooling. To provide this installation to such a generous and compassionate family in the midst of this pandemic will give us joy.

Thank you to all who sent in nominations and reached out to us about the contest. Most of all, thank you to the community that has supported us for 20+ years as it’s always a pleasure to give back!

We’ll be sharing more on this story when we proceed with the installation this winter!

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